Blue Stuff

The biggest advantage of the new EBC Bluestuff NDX pads is their bite from cold and progressive feel. This is achieved by blending with specially chosen man made naturally mined fibers which are much less harsh on rotors than semi metallic fiber used by ALL OTHER Race pad builders.

The EBC Bluestuff NDX formulation has been developed during years of track driving and in 2009 was refined to be suitable for the 3000lb USA model cars such as Mustang,Camaro,GTO,Viper and especially Corvette. Even on the (shall we say) difficult to perfect, race braking on the later “Padlet” type caliper using 6 and 8 piece pad sets the NDX performs well.

The NDX pad material is bonded to the steel backing plates using multiple high strength interlock holes and a unique chemical interlayer which raises shear and bond strength by a factor of five and prevents pad to plate separation. The pads are then baked and ground and feature high volume Vee grooves to catch the inevitable large amount of debris from track use.

Target use is all types of fast and heavier cars in performance and race driving with much enhanced lifetime over previous Yellowstuff grade pads.

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